Foil techniques can be used alone, as a highlight, as a distressed texture over a print, or combined with mixed materials, such as rhinestones.
Standard foil colors for print include: Silver, Gold, Copper, Black, Red, Blue, Rose Gold, Rainbow, and Iridescent.

HD Foil is "high density" foil that is raised, with dimensional effect.



Flock is a unique process that adds a soft, velvety effect to a print. It can be used alone or as a distressed texture over a print.
Standard flock colors include: Navy, red, cardinal, black, cream, white, charcoal, gray, and hot pink.



Rhinestones and rhinestuds come in a broad range of colors, in varying sizes and shapes. They can be used as accents to a print, or be designed to work as a full image. Rhinestones and studs can also be used with other materials such as lace, satin, foil, and glitter.



Glitter can be used to create a variety of different effects to help your art sparkle and shine! This technique adds an extra dimension to t-shirts, tote bags, and other soft goods. Colors include gold, silver, red, and black.



The Push-thru technique creates a unique texture by printing on the reverse side of the garment. Text or other art can also print on top of the push-thru that adds depth and extra interest to the design.



One of our most eye-catching print techniques uses metallic ink, which is as an alternative to foil.

Creative applications combine silver and gold metallic colors, incorporate rhinestones, and overprints with CMYK inks.

Metallic ink colors include gold, silver, and copper/bronze.